Sculpting your Impressions

Art sans empathy can't impress. We build on this mantra a solid footing to listen, observe, understand and create the best depiction to portray your aspiration on your invitations.

Invitations are the trailer to your wedding. They are the most influential element to convince a guest to visit your event after your relationship. It's the first impression of your event's splendour.

We, at Teal.Mauve.Crimson sculpt your best impressions!


Prabhu is a dynamic young entrepreneur, with a signature approach to design developed during his undergraduate days. He is credited with the introduction of 'UX in Print' among the global design community on Behance His exquisite, innovative, revolutionary and ambitious approach to design and process left little scope in the existing traditional framework. He thus partnered with Durgesh to begin Teal.Mauve.Crimson - a contemporary elite design consultancy for event stationery.

Durgesh is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a mixed background. He hails from a business family that has collective work experience of over 50 years in invitation manufacturing. He handles 'Client Experience' at Teal.Mauve.Crimson and compliments Prabhu in crafting convincing experience by means of his words. Despite the traditional nature of design that he's used to, he has developed a top-down approach that focuses on experience over expensive elements.

Together, they strive to ignite exuberance amidst their clients. The design proceeds with a vision that echoes the dreams of their clients. From the first spark of inspiration research flows, whether the project calls for delving from the most ancient to the most modern baroque patterns or using ground breaking colour theory to guide the design and the production process.



Concepts over Coffee

A 1st round of consultation is required for you to review our existing work and also for us to understand your liking. We could either meet at a convenient place in our Chennai studio or Bangalore satellite office. Relax, if you're not based out of these two locations, because we just as well are comfortable with FaceTime or Hangouts.


Once we understand what you are looking for and fix the expected quantities, we produce theestimate. Once approved, we'll collect the content and other design collateral that you want in your invitation. We begin designing work once an advance payment of 50% is made against our preliminary invoice.


We begin crafting the concepts into its visual prototype in our studio. Its time for mindboggling and goosebumps moments for us. We're best left to curate the design with independence. Designing can take anywhere between 1-3 weeks depending on the iterations and complexity in layouts.


A PDF bearing the final layout an intermediate invoice will be sent for approval. Clients are advised to thoroughly run through the design and proofread it for spellings, dates and punctuations before finalisation.


It takes 1-3 weeks to manufacture the invitations and fit in all elements of customization. If a material constrainst forces us to make the final product slightly differ from the original, we will inform you prior Production of invites can be rushed basis material availability and an additional fee.


On deposit of the balance 50% payment, we will dispatch the products through our courier partners UPS, DHL or FedEx on actual costs. If you live in Chennai, we will deliver it in person.

Current gen of people have all the liberty and passion to have everything done in new innovative ways. When it comes to marriage, it's no less especially from the start of a wedding invitation to return gifts to food to serve for guests.



To view our customised invitations collection please click below. The cards in this section are predominantly designed based on contemporary styles of designs like 'minimalist' , 'shadow-point', 'caricatures-comics' etc. To differentiate the global ethnic styles from the more strighforward modern art styles, we've put them across on a separate site. Check them out to add variety to your invitation portfolio while inviting different guests.

Customized invitation card design for wedding from Crea - That1Card


We've sub-branded our economic invitations as Mangal, please click on the link below. Under this sub-brand we host all our retail invitation designed keeping in mind both the conservative ethnic tastes and wallet size of the Indian urban middle-class when it comes to their weddings. An interesting use of alternative material, conservative stationery management, understanding of ink-hacks for colour and standardisation enables us recreate near elite invitations at 1/6th their actual price. Check-out our collections.

Traditional invitation card design for wedding from Mangal - That1Card
Red crimson wedding invitation card from Delhi
 Blue Ganapati design wedding invitation card from Mumbai
Glass maple nameboard on white and gold wedding invitation
Rajasthan peacock flute wedding invitation card in blue
Elegant Indian King and Queen die-cut wedding invitation card
 Pink and gold foil damask motif wedding invitation card
 Cutwork Ganesha blue and white themes invitation card Chennai
 Lavender floral border wedding invitation card design India
Blessing Purple Hindu elite wedding invitation card with cardboard
 Mangal ethnic design hardboard wedding invitation card Mumbai
 Teal coloured luxurious text layout for wedding invitation card
 Elite text layout content with traditional umbrellas in wedding card
Wood pattern engraving overlay design in wedding invitation cover
Palanquin royal red princess bridal wedding card design in India
Simple elegant invitation card design. Paisley motif with name font


Extravagance sans Opulence

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